The challenge of getting to know yourself

After the experiences that our agents had in their SOLO, they had the opportunity to visualize in an individual way what are their personal challenges with the initiative and with themselves. It was a very emotional closing in this activity that leave them full of courage to continue with a pursue and objectives to achieve with their initiatives.

After a long break, in the afternoon, high ropes activity “Discovery”, which included a number of challenges that can be executed simultaneously by participants and would be rated according to the level of difficulty was performed. The agents told a planning time to start the challenge and make a budget of personal and group score. The goal was met at the indicated time and exceeding the budget that the team had planned, this allowed them to realize the abilities and skills of the team. Agents could saw the importance of communication and effective planning to carry out their initiatives.

Finishing the activity they started to work in the business model to be used in the initiatives, this allowed them to analyze if the initiatives could be supported financially.

All day our agents worked on their initiatives, to improve and be ready to formally made a presentarion to Marco, Manager of Lonesome George & Co. He gave them a necessary feedback to improve their initiative. Our agents took a big step to fell that they ve parto of positive changes and impact in the community of Puerto Ayora.

After the experiences had in all previous modules, each one prepared to take the plunge of commitment to their initiative. “Gigant Swing” was one of the last challenges of the module, All the Agents giving his first step to the way of their projects and their lives, they jump from the tower and each agent did their committed with them, with the team and with the program.

Agents of Change 2015 generation were ready to do the initiative, now had the tools and experiences needed to address the problems they present.