The challenge of know ourselves

Agents were integrated into the module V, with the commitment of the sacrifice that represen realize their dreams and the initiatives. In this module they had the opportunity to discuss initiatives of ex Agents of Change, also, analyzed and understood the why of their success and challenges of each. Agents presented the social and environmental impact that generate their initiatives.

Inside the Academy of Agents of Change, there is a social and community component which is one of the fundamental pillars in human development. To understand this component they must have real and holistic experiences of what it means to serve and share with people of their community. They were presented the responsibilities they would have as Agents, serving and sharing experiences and learning with children in their community. They organized and planned a morning where they had different roles to realize activities of logistics, management of people and generate a social impact on individuals in their community. They offered to children of Bellavista an unforgettable experience.

Models of power point formats was presented. They strengthened their public presentation styles, and increased their confidence to speak to an audience. These tools will help them to “sell” an idea – initiative to interested persons and potential partners or donors with the purpose to make visible their work and impact as Agents of Change.

They were visited by Guest Speakers who shared their experiences and initiatives as examples of Agents of Change in the community of Puerto Ayora. It was gratifying to welcome Juan Sebastian Torres with his initiative “MOLA MOLA Ecology Club” and Robert Balfour, with its initiative “Green Spaces: Recovery of Eden Park”. They inspire as Agents of Change with their good practices and advice.

All initiatives were presented and Guest speakers were the first group of panelists who provided them precise and constructive feedback. They questioned and shared tips to take into account on their way to the implementation of the initiatives. Great ideas were formed, they landed their dreams to be attainable, replicable, sustainable and sustainable initiatives.

By KENU – Knowledge and Education