The essence is the community

Agents mobilized from the Province of Pichincha to the Napo Province. Azhanga arrived at the farm (basket in Kichwa) Chakra (orchard in Kichwa). The idea of this project is to regenerate the extensive land they bought and put them back Amazon rainforest again as livestock and vegetation clearing eroded this land for many years. The next day, they had a visit to Huaysayacu, resort community, where they could compare the difference of flora that are in the ecosystem of the Sierra and in the Amazon.

At the beginning of Rafting, a school and rescue techniques took place in the river. Full of expectations and fears, Agents of Change began their journey through the Jatunyacu River. In the afternoon we arrived to the community of Shandia where community members shared with Agents information about how people live in Shandia and what they do to maintain harmony within their community. In rafts Agents went from the community of Shandia to Puerto Misahualli, going down the Napo River. They learned of the demanding moments that river shared with. In Puerto Misahualli Agents arrived to the community of Shiripuno, where they watched a traditional dance and received information and wisdom about Shiripuno Project, a community that is managed by the female gender.

The next day the enthusiastic Agents began the day with a challenging cycling activity to the waterfall of San Jacinto. In front of the waterfall every Agents of Change made the commitment to their initiative. The challenge of cycling in conjunction with waterfall and energy that gave the water element, generated strong and powerful commitments.

To give shape to initiatives Agents learn SMART tool, with clear examples for the understanding of this model. Each one began to build goals and objectives that has the requirements to be specific, measurable, achievable, real and have a certain short, medium or long run. Likewise, the Agents were able to understand the importance of managing a solid financial model and what factors should consider to raising funds, needed to have a realistic and sustainable initiative.

The experiences and lessons that were generated in module 4 were a great impact to each of the Agents. They were able to perceive the similarities and differences that exist in the communities they visited and how these may have similarities to the community they come from. With this living and sharing, it reflected about humility that we have as human beings in situations, moments, actions and reactions.

KENU – Knowledge and Education