When you think you know everything, you realize that there is more to discover

The Academy Agents Academy 2016, begins the fifth year with a group made up of students of the Galapagos National High School, Miguel Angel Cazares High School, Tomas de Berlanga High School, San Francisco High School and members of the Ecology Club Mola Mola of The Ecology Project Intertational. This year organizations and companies such as Celebrity Xpedition and Mondelez are our main contributors; TROPIC, Safari Camp, SABAI and The Ecology Project International are soponsorships of the Agents of Change, all of this companies and organizations are supporting the development of the young people of Puerto Ayora through donations and funds for the program execution.

We started the new year with a great proposal for our Agents of Change made by KENU, company that facilitates the program during the first 5 modules. We star módule I doing a great expedition of 18 km to Playa Garrapatero, located in Puerto Ayora, this hike allowed the Agents of Change to understand the principles of group formation and realize that “There is more in them than they thought.” They discovered in them strengths that will allow in the present and in the future to cachieve challenges by overcoming the fear of failure.

We had a Kayak schoolin which could observe the different coastal ecosystems occurred, the importance and their impacts. This activity taught Agents leadership and confidence tools that will allow the group to implement in their initiatives and personal projects. They shared great sunsets and individual and group moments that generated experiences for each participant, so they can realize that exist in them passions and talents that will allow them to grow as individuals and to identify spaces into the community in which they can contribute with their ideas and actions. Creating their Perfect World, participants described how they want to be into the community as Agents of Change.

By Gabriela Aguinaga