Why you should be grateful every day

By Eduardo Balarezo

Several years ago while studying in Shanghai, I was invited to a lecture on Happiness. The take-home-value from this fortunate event was to understand the direct effect that being grateful for everyday things has in our state of mind. The fact is, this simple yet deliberate act unleashes a set of synapses in our brains, which conditions us to experience the much desired state of happiness. I dare you to try it—start today! What better day to commit to being grateful for than on Thanksgiving day.

Try making this a daily practice; let it become part of your routine, own it, enjoy doing it. You will soon recognize how fortunate you are to have found a back door to happiness.

Today, Thanksgiving Day, is my moment to connect all those every day grateful moments throughout the year and make sense out of them. To begin with, I always find myself being grateful for my family. No matter how crazy my teen-agers drive me; no matter how stubborn my 7-year old can be; no matter how many times my new-born son wakes me up at night and no matter how different (from me of course) my wife is, I can always find something to be grateful for about all of them. So, today I am grateful for all the differences that make my family perfect for me.

“Be grateful every day for the small things life presents you with and

watch happiness unfold before your eyes.” Eduardo Balarezo




The next set of grateful events I must connect today has to do with our Brand. This year we introduced our products via new points of sale in Miami Beach and Berlin. Our company’s mission, Outfitting Agents of Change — inspired by Lonesome George from the Galapagos Islands — has finally crossed borders.


I am grateful to our distributors and customers who believe and support the expansion of our brand and message across borders.



Next on the list is The Academy of Agents of Change, an intricate part of our company’s mission statement to generate change at community level. This year we replicated The Academy in the US for the first time at Palmer Trinity School in South Florida. I thrive as I follow the journey of these and all Agents of Change as they discover themselves; find their voices; understand their role in the community; find their passion; start dreaming/doing and finally; impact their communities by implementing a social initiative. I am grateful to our education and social entrepreneurship partners for recognizing the valuable work we do at The Academy and giving us the opportunity to impact communities around the world.



I cannot continue without recognizing the time and dedication of my team. Lonesome George & Co. started seven years ago and the fuel behind it, without a doubt, has been the grit that each one in the team has contributed to the Brand. So today, I am grateful to my team; they are all amazing Agents of Change in their own right.

Finally, thank you to the Conservation Icon Lonesome George, currently exhibited at the American Museum of National History in NYC, for his continuing inspiration despite not being with us anymore. I am grateful to Lonesome George for his legacy, which reminds us all to MIND our Choices, SHIFT our thinking and IMPACT our world.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

– Eduardo

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